Month: May 2019

LL Visits

May 22- the is the first entry in more than a week because LL has been in residence. Her parents traveled to Bermuda for a wedding, and while she stayed here, she was all I could think about. We took breakfast in The Garden most mornings, and then followed up …

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I awoke to rain this morning, hence the topic. By the time I got outside, it had all but stopped, so I did not get a good rain photo. Seeing the rain inspires me to write about what I do with it. My relationship with water has not been easy. …

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First Time

So this is my first live time post. Everything written before today was part of the set up effort. Today, I feel the pressure is on to produce something engaging. I am trying to find a rhythm. I took my morning walk around the yard, made notes of what needs …

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Back of Garage

I need a name here too. his is the new berry patch. I planted six thornless bushes that are meant to produce big fat berries. The location does not get much sun, but it is close to the back door, so we are trying it because it is close to …

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Paths, Portals and Seating

A garden does well to seduce its mistress with well considered paths, doorways and sitting areas. My garden surprises me every time I walk its paths. It delights me and soothes me every time I take one of its pleasant seats. Here is the April 18 view from the blues …

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