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Recipes! I am always short of time. I promised myself I would write today, and now I am rushing. Here is my early library, and my early recipes. Spoiler- they are all good, but fall woefully short on logistics.

I started by seeing what Martha Stewart had to say, because I do love Martha. Reviews of her book- I should say the review of her book that caught my eye said she used salt in every recipe, and that if you had to use salt, you were not really producing flavor. If you wanted real flavor, you had to see Deborah Madison, the real authority on veggie cooking. Well, I am cooking for my husband, who is ‘No Salt Added’ for heart reasons, so I took that admonishment to heart, and bought Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone. Hmmmph. Then I saw the Old School Oats Peas and Barley, and bought that. I was too slow to go to Martha. She really rocks. Then a friend talked up Michael Greger, so I bought How not to Diet. I have more than enough now.

My criteria remains, the food has to be delicious, satisfying and easy. Martha hits those notes more consistently with logistically reasonable recipes with high fat and great flavor. But I have to close out and run, because I am late. I have not had breakfast. I did not make a plan for quinoa. I am vacillating between almond butter Ezekiel and the trendy intermittent fast (skipping breakfast). Most diets fail for lack of a plan. Should I slow down and prioritize eating, or run out the door because I am late? Gotta go-

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