May 2019


This morning I was approached by a bird. This happens. I was coming out of the woodland threshold, St Francis on my right, the Heptacodium on my left, when a round blue gray songbird with a come hither saunter began to bop near me. As I walked along, it fluttered […]

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Morning Dew and Fish Pond

I would not be continuing to garden if I were not enjoying some success, and in the interest of full disclosure, I am not really sure to what that success is owed. I try a lot of things. Some continue. Some fade away. This soggy, red-sky morning I am mindful

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Dandelions Part Three

Lol. How I amuse myself. After I finished this morning’s post about dew and fish ponds, I wondered about dandelions. I had walked all over my yard this morning, and could not recall seeing any. How would I ever collect enough to make Hansie 147 if I had already picked

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Dandelions Part Two

Today is fifty and bright. As I stepped off the porch, I checked my black berries soaking up the morning sun. I am going to have to research what they need, maybe even fertilize them, because I want fresh blackberries for breakfast. I walked into the Persephone Garden with an

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Weeds, Dandelions Part One

The garden is greening in. I walked around this morning, thinking as I do every year at this time, what is a weed, and what is a plant? Weeds must be pulled away to make room for the plants. However, I have mistakenly damaged and destroyed some good plants trying

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