January 2021

Winter weather station

Adventures of Lefcardia

Chapter 3 Lefcardia opened her eyes.  Daytime!  But what time of day could it be?  The wind had finally laid down.  Skies were bright, but shriveled rhododendron leaves showed icy temperatures.    Ice could be sharp on Lefcardia’s paws.  If she had to go outside, she could try and jump […]

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Witch Hazel in the snow

Adventures of Lefcardia

Chapter 2 The Storm Suddenly, Lefcardia was yanked from her covers and thrown against her bedroom wall.  She rolled to the floor, and before she could stand up onto her feet, she was flung across the room in another direction.  She used her tiny claws to dig her way down

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witch hazel flower

The Adventures of Lefcardia

Chapter One Lefcardia stretched her arm above her head and rolled over.  She opened her eyes just enough to see light, and then squeezed them shut again.  She pulled her blankets to her chin.  And then her eyes flew wide open.  Snow?  Lefcardia sat up in her bed.  She peeked

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