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Pulling together a plant based diet might seem very random, because I am pulling from a lot of different directions.  But really what is happening is that I am moving intuitively through a transitional moment.  I am opening my mind, body and spirit to wisdom from my oldest memories, while reaching for the newest ideas in science.  Change is always inconvenient for successful people, but there is nothing to stop it.  Like it or not, I am aging, and the aging process is a bitch.  Several forces are telling me, Go Plant-based.   

My Dad tried to feed us lentils when I was a kid.  I remember them in the fridge.  I remember listening to him talk about how Aunt Nell and Uncle Harry, his beloved New York hippy relatives, loved to eat lentils.  I remember he got my younger siblings to try lentil burgers.  Finally, I remember my siblings looking out a backyard window, laughing hysterically because even Seamus the Irish Setter would not eat Dad’s lentil burgers.  The wisdom here is, if beans are not delicious, let’s not even talk about them.  Definitely, let’s not even put them in the fridge. I am not putting anything in my fridge if it isn’t delicious.  

Decades later, and decades ago, my sister started cooking beans.  I do not know what is really true, but the way I remember it, her husband saw a doctor who gave him a scare about his ticker, and she dedicated herself to adding beans to their diet.  Beans, beans, good for the heart.  The more you eat, the more you fart.

I just said, ‘No thank you’ when she passed the beans.  I knew all I wanted about beans.  They were for fat people, poor people, and caused gas.  I was not getting involved with beans.  She was such a bean enthusiast, she gave bags of beans away for Christmas.  Seriously, as a gift.  

Anyway, after living on Keto for more than a year, and eating prime cuts of ribeye for lunch and dinner, sometimes for breakfast, too, I was feeling sluggish and bored. Tom Brady was bringing the Bucs to the Superbowl, and my brother went vegan. Who can ignore a trifecta?

I called my sister Wendy and asked her how to cook beans.  The first beans I cooked were a very old Christmas present from her, and I wish I had saved the package to know what type.  They were from Rancho Gordo, and were sooo delicious.  I have to run.  I promise to get to recipes asaic.

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