Month: February 2021

bag of beans

Plant-based recipes

Pulling together a plant based diet might seem very random, because I am pulling from a lot of different directions.  But really what is happening is that I am moving intuitively through a transitional moment.  I am opening my mind, body and spirit to wisdom from my oldest memories, while …

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bowl of quinoa, almonds, flax seed, blueberries and almond milk

Yesterday,  February 25, I toasted Ezekiel cinnamon raison bread and slathered it with  almond butter.  It was high in protein, high in fat, crunchy, chewy, sweet, savory, and satisfying.  This morning I am making quinoa.   The print on the package was tiny, so I had to guess a bit …

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stack of recipe books

Plant Based Recipes

Recipes! I am always short of time. I promised myself I would write today, and now I am rushing. Here is my early library, and my early recipes. Spoiler- they are all good, but fall woefully short on logistics. I started by seeing what Martha Stewart had to say, because …

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Adventures of Lefcardia

Another big swing in weather as the garden shows. Snow followed by rain followed by icy temperature followed by melting temperature and finishing with icy cold leaves the sage iced like a sugared plum. Good thing the sage is hardy.

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