May 2019

Our Lady

I love my Sainted Lady. Primroses have joined the shell flowers. Daffodils are coming. Gardens need residents. She is my favorite tenant. Of all our cultural myths and legends, this is the most complicated, and the most embattled. I am a great believer in prayer, and in help. I believe […]

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The Barrel

I call this area the Blues Corner. When two blue adirondack chairs were set down in this corner of the yard, they seemed to call out, Turn your back to your troubles, and sink into the blues. At that moment, the Blues Corner was born. There is blue stand for

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Peak Season

April 10 is the date on this photo. To me, this is my garden at its best. My heart is singing to behold such beauty. Where, you ask?First of all, the Hellebore is blooming, still. Since March. How is it possible? For me, Hellebore is a brave promise that someday,

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