Author name: Barbie Burr

witch hazel flower

The Adventures of Lefcardia

Chapter One Lefcardia stretched her arm above her head and rolled over.  She opened her eyes just enough to see light, and then squeezed them shut again.  She pulled her blankets to her chin.  And then her eyes flew wide open.  Snow?  Lefcardia sat up in her bed.  She peeked […]

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Fourth of July Garden

Fourth of July garden is green and leafy. The only good thing I can say about weeds is that they are also green and leafy and generally blend in. There are pops of red bee balm and hot pink rose campion. The foxglove is dying on bent stalks of seed

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To Hope or to Have?

This may be the height of my art. Late Spring, and my dream to see Persephone by her portal to the Underworld, surrounded by fox glove, peony, false indigo, lady’s mantle, and iris in a greenery of many textures pleases me immensely. It is my installation art, trying to tell

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