This is my story of a garden

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“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” ~Carl Jung

It started six years ago, as the cheapest, quickest way to stabilize a part of the yard where we ripped out overzealous poison ivy and rangy scrub oak.

The garden was set on the poorest, rockiest, rootiest soil, and built with little more than memories of places I had loved, and time spent outdoors with my dog, Spot. I amassed a lot of information about water, dirt, mulch, light, and temperature, as well as growing, collecting, eating, cooking, saving, and sharing food.

As all of this was happening, I acquired a marble statue of Persephone, and that inspired me to build her a home dedicated to Carl Jung's mythic shadow side. Spot died, how I miss him. Groundhogs, rabbits, and chipmunks encouraged me to shift from vegetables to flowers, and think about the garden as a place to sit and look out at a view. Then there was the cutting garden with dusty miller and dahlias for the wedding. And then there was the wedding, with Newbury Street stylists coiffing hair in my potting shed.

Very soon, I think this patch of land will become something else, although I am not sure what. Before it is a hazy recollection, I want to try and write down the story. It was such a wonderful place.

Woodlands on Groundhog Day

Adventures of Lefcardia

Chapter 5   Today was a big day in the woodlands.  February 2 was the day the groundhog checked his shadow.  Lefcardia had fallen asleep last night on the floor of her nest, which was actually very comfortable, and dreamed all night long about shadows.   Lefcardia loved shadows.  Short …

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Adventures of Lefcardia

Chapter 4 Lefcardia looked around her home with satisfaction.  It was a grand space for a squirrel.   Lefcardia had stripped her nest down to its bare walls, keeping only her water jug which was suspended above the nest, and her supply of acorns, which was covered neatly by planks …

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Winter weather station

Adventures of Lefcardia

Chapter 3 Lefcardia opened her eyes.  Daytime!  But what time of day could it be?  The wind had finally laid down.  Skies were bright, but shriveled rhododendron leaves showed icy temperatures.    Ice could be sharp on Lefcardia’s paws.  If she had to go outside, she could try and jump …

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Witch Hazel in the snow

Adventures of Lefcardia

Chapter 2 The Storm Suddenly, Lefcardia was yanked from her covers and thrown against her bedroom wall.  She rolled to the floor, and before she could stand up onto her feet, she was flung across the room in another direction.  She used her tiny claws to dig her way down …

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witch hazel flower

The Adventures of Lefcardia

Chapter One Lefcardia stretched her arm above her head and rolled over.  She opened her eyes just enough to see light, and then squeezed them shut again.  She pulled her blankets to her chin.  And then her eyes flew wide open.  Snow?  Lefcardia sat up in her bed.  She peeked …

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